Survival Skills for the New Trainer
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Survival Skills for the New Trainer Courseware

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About Survival Skills for the New Trainer Courseware

Whether due to the economy or cycles of different types of business, the ability to learn and mentor others is essential, especially in turbulent times. In this SoftSkills course, new trainers will learn the basic skills for success in the classroom. From establishing rapport, being assertive, and dealing with difficult situations, to applying the skills that are essential for helping adults learn, students will develop confidence in their training role and have the fundamental skills that they need.

SoftSkills courseware includes everything a trainer needs: detailed activities, instructor and participant guides, pre-assignment, assessments, and more. For learners who thrive while engaged with their mobile devices, you can also integrate this SoftSkills course with blended learning, which includes access to our self-study guide.

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