Tough Topics: Talking To Employees About Personal Hygiene
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Tough Topics: Talking To Employees About Personal Hygiene Courseware

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About Tough Topics: Talking To Employees About Personal Hygiene Courseware

There are a lot of ways personal hygiene can affect the workplace. At one end of the spectrum, there are those whose inadequate personal hygiene can lead to offensive odors in the workplace, or whose bad habits can range from leaving a trail of nail clippings to earwax around the office. At the other end are those whose grooming habits are so excessive that their perfume or cologne wafts behind them, especially problematic in scent-free workplaces! What’s the best way to approach them? How do you discuss something personal without treading on toes? Velsoft’s Tough Topics: Talking to Employees about Personal softskills courseware makes navigating tricky conversations easy, along with handling any objections or legal risks!

By the end of this softskills course, students will have learned how to discuss workplace body odor, piercings at work, tattoos that are visible in the office, employee bad habits, and the best ways to discuss potentially embarrassing but necessary tough topics with staff. Velsoft’s workplace hygiene training material is completely customizable for trainers, and can be used in combination with eLearning to expand students’ learning even more as part of a blended learning experience! 

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