Cybersecurity 1: Fundamentals for Employees
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Cybersecurity 1: Fundamentals for Employees Courseware

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About Cybersecurity 1: Fundamentals for Employees Courseware

Fighting against cybercrime is a constant and expensive endeavor. Without a trained and vigilant staff, the effort will not be successful. That training needs to start now and its benefits will be seen through the reduction of successful cyberattacks.

This one-day course starts with an understanding of the history and the current state of cyberattacks in terms of quantity and cost to business, then explores the various forms of cybercrime so they know how to recognize and defend against them at both a company and an individual level. It also looks at the role of information obtained on social media platforms in these attacks and allows participants to understand what they should and should not post on these platforms. The course ends with participants creating their own personal cybersecurity plan.

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